PINK HAIR AFFAIR began in May 2007 by eight UArts modern majors who wanted to participate in the Philadelphia Fringe Festival that graduating summer.  The modern dance collective premiered two shows that September and was awarded “Best Fringe Dance Find” by City Paper.  Each member shared the duties of running the collective and each given equal opportunity artistically.  Continuing to create, Anne MacGilivray Wilson directed their first site-specific show “in memory of the deathtrap” which premiered in April 2008 and was shown again that following June.  They then added a ninth member to their group -- a classmate Kaleigh Jones who brought the jazzier side to PINK HAIR AFFAIR donning the new tag line “a dance collective”.  Performing in the Philadelphia Fringe Festivals from 2007-2011, a small tour to the Women on The Way festival in San Francisco, as well as projects such as local bar promotion videos, collaborative showcases, festivals in Panama, and productions throughout the year like their site-specific show, an annual burlesque-inspired show and most recently a show solely created by one choreographer, they have shown the Philadelphia audience and others that they can expect something fresh and different each performance. In 2008 & 2009 they were selected to receive a grant from the Philadelphia Cultural Fund which helped the collective continue to grow and create work.

Since 2008, members have traveled the world, moved across the country, moved to another country or stayed local here in Philadelphia.  They have all remained an important attribute to the running of PINK HAIR AFFAIR as a whole, until 2010 when co-founder Laura Jenkins became Director.  This was to simplify the organizational structure, and to make the administrative side run seamlessly, still allowing each member to have the ability to be an artistic director of their own production, and general artistic freedom operated under one leader.  Members coming and leaving they dropped to five and began calling themselves a “collaborative company”.  In 2012, they accepted a new member outside their UArts family (growing to a six member company with members still residing or traveling elsewhere).  They have prepared a 2012-2013 season schedule and is focusing on more in-depth productions, projects, as well as starting a quarterly work-in-progress series to promote their artistry and works to the local dance community and beyond.  They have been in residence with Mascher Space Co-op since 2010 and have since been apart of many Mascher functions, utilized their space for not only rehearsals but also shows; as well as their neighboring partner <fidget> space.  Other venues include: Susan Hess Modern Dance Studio, The MacGuffin Theater, The Latvian Society, Painted Bride Art Center, and local area bars, parks, sidewalks and streets.

Original PINK HAIR AFFAIR Members 2007:

Christina Gesualdi, Laura Jenkins, Jacklyn Koch, Lauren Mathis, Rachel Slater, Christine Steigerwald, Anne MacGilivray Wilson, Ashley Wood

(UArts, 2007 Modern Majors)

2008 Addition:

Kaleigh Jones

(UArts, 2007 Jazz & Dance Education Major)

2012 Addition:

Morgan Chambers

(OU, 2009 Dance & Choreography Major)



Curtis Albucher

Eric Ashleigh

Bill Hebert

Joshua Jenkins

Laura Jenkins

Durrock Joe Knox

Corey Palmer


Curtis Albucher

Tom Loveland

Graphic Design:

Gus Gscheidle (poster)

Joshua Jenkins (images/poster)

Laura Jenkins (site/images/posters)
Joe Pena (poster)

Kimberly Pesch (poster)

Russell Sanders (logo/poster)

Rachel Slater (images)

Rob Vance (poster)


Laura Jenkins

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