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PINK HAIR AFFAIR is a non-profit under their fiscal sponsor Painted Bride Art Center.  This company operates on grants, donations and ticket sales to produce their shows, compensate their dancers, choreographers and staff.  Through out the season they host FUNdraisers, mostly geared for specific projects, but also to help with the general overhead of the company.

They are currently seeking annual donors so that they are able to have an operating budget to work with at the beginning of their season, and to guide them through the year on what their budget projections should look like for each show so they are able to raise the appropriate funds for each production.

As always, donations are forever appreciated (and accepted) any time of the year.  However, by building up an annual donor list PINK HAIR AFFAIR can plan for their seasons appropriately without the “play it by ear” and “low-budget whim” approach they have been working by  for the past five years.  With your help, this company can continue to create amazing works and put them on stages and in venues around Philadelphia, and hopefully abroad.

PINK wigs:

Jean DeFino

PINK lovers:

Roland Perkins

Lawrence & Sandra Raber

Majority of PINK HAIR AFFAIR costs through out the year are our operating costs (and our most important)which consist of website and rehearsal space.  Administrative work is done out of pure passion and the positive future outlook on the company.

With annual donations, they will have the ability to budget not only for these operating costs, but hopefully have funds to help pay for dancers rehearsal/performance time, graphic design, videography and photography (to
name a few) and to cushion the account for unseen costs, and show expenses.

Help us this season by making an annual donation.  Can’t afford a lump sum for the year?  That’s fine!  We are always accepting contributions and will have FUNdraisers and other events listed on our facebook page, Twitter, and blog.  Thank you in advance for all your support for PINK HAIR AFFAIR!

Support the arts.  Support Passion.  Support PINK HAIR AFFAIR.

PINK hair ($300+)

PINK highlight ($100-$299)

PINK wig ($50-$99)

PINK lover ($25-$49)

(all of our annual donors will be listed on our programs and website.)

For a tax-deductible donation please write checks out to Painted Bride Art Center.

Be sure to write PINK HAIR AFFAIR in the memo.

Mail checks to:


230 Vine Street

Philadelphia, PA 19106

Donate today!